Brothers of the black top
Thank you for my baptism in the holy oils of Harley-Davidson. I was a sinner (metric-rider) for many years, until I was shown the light. I did such foul dastardly things like yamaha and bmw. A silly goody-two shoes. Blaspheming See no evo, hear no evo, speak no evo. Oh, the shame of it all. Now, with the help of Wolverine's Deacons re-introducing me to the the sacred Evolution engine I am speaking in tongues and considering a future M8 purchase. When the covid-19 is under control I will be attending the 5k mile services at Wolverine. I would Tithe thee 5 stars for a bribe of a couple of free beers with every scheduled maintenance, but I still have love for you guys. In Harley we are united...Keep the faith! (Employee: John Podeszwa, Blake Dew, Dave Nagy)
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Michael Dew
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